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Lindsey White - Author & 
Retirement Planner

Peace of mind
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For every individual, protecting their family, their legacy, and their hard-earned assets are of the utmost importance. At ASB Financial, we operate with the same goal in mind on behalf of our clients in communities throughout Florida.

From providing assistance with selecting Medicare insurance to forming financial planning strategies that will ensure our clients have enough money during their retirement years, our team of comprehensive retirement planning experts stands ready to provide protection for individuals of all ages in four main areas – medical bills, independence, legacy, and helping make sure they don’t outlive their money.

ASB Financial is the leading provider of Comprehensive Financial, Medicare & Retirement Planning Services for Individuals Living in the State of Florida.


A Breathe of Fresh Air!

Considering our situation was very difficult to start off with and we met many challenges during our process! Lindsey kept being positive and encouraging my wife and me that we'll get through this -  just a small hurdle! Her professionalism and her eagerness to finish the task kept us encouraged throughout the whole process! It was a pleasure working with her! The whole experience was just magical! She is very determined about her business and very honest and up-front!

- Ennis from Allen Park, MI

About Me

Who is Lindsey?

Lindsey began her career as a commercial lender after graduating from the industry’s #2 ranked banking leadership program in North Carolina in 2010.

She supports her Tampa Bay community through philanthropy projects & leadership roles in local organizations. In doing so, she co-founded the RGA Women's Council, which meets on the first Tuesday of every month, called "Wine, Women & Wisdom."

She works tirelessly fighting for her client’s best interests and designs financial solutions for everyone, regardless of experience or situation. You're in good hands, as Lindsey's 5-star Zillow & Google ratings date back to 2017.

She is also a 3rd generation Florida native who loves to play tennis take adult tap & jazz dance classes, and has a passion for kids’ athletic development - building & sponsoring a youth dance scholarship here in Pinellas County.

Lindsey looks forward to assisting you craft your unique financing roadmap!

Lindsey White, Real Estate Lender & Author, holding her dog Kiwi

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Tampa, FL

(813) 344-7896

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