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Lindsey White

Speaker, Author, Coach and Influencer.

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Lindsey White is a #1 Amazon Best-Selling author whose 36-year journey has been both astonishing and inspiring.

Diagnosed with a rare combination of multiple sclerosis and other debilitating diseases, she faced unimaginable choices that no one should ever have to be forced to make.

Despite physical abuse, emotional trauma, loneliness, and fear, she uses those experiences to combat life’s challenges and promote generational change.

Lindsey’s contagious energy empowers you to release your strength in order to control your chaos!

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Coming Early 2024!

IMAGINE THIS…You’re enjoying an epic boat trip, documenting the river adventure with endless selfies. Suddenly your bliss is disturbed by a phone notification:

“Your Comfy-Youth-Club Subscription has been Revoked.”

Panic sets in. The boat starts to rock. Your heart beats rapidly, your breath shortens and you whisper “I got this” to yourself repeatedly until that is interrupted by another anxiety-inducing message…

"Welcome to the Perm-Adult World: No Returns, No Refunds."

The rest of your voyage will reveal the person you must become to navigate the tumultuous journey.

Lindsey White’s “live-out-loud” approach shows you how her “PhD in Been There Done That" will inspire and empower you to conquer any challenge with INTENTIONAL GRACE.

Tampa, FL

(813) 804-0009

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